About US

Guangdong Zhanjiang Household Electric Appliances Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1976, is a manufacturer of rice cookers and other household electric appliances. We developed and manufactured our first simple electronic cooker in 1974, and have now grown to become one of the top domestic household electric appliance companies.

Using scientific management, our company has successfully produced quality products and steadily developed our technology. Over the last three decades years, we have achieved several milestones, including the following:

1) 1986: cooperated with the makers of 'Hong' brand electronic cookers and manufactured these cookers for export to about 80 countries
2) 1991: purchased a German automatic electronic cooker production line and become the biggest electronic cooker producer worldwide
3) 2001: invested USD24,000,000 and established a Shenzhen Hi-Tech company
4) 2002: purchased Guangdong Weilishen Vintage Group

Eventually, we would continue on to establish several other production facilities. Today, we are enjoying steady growth in the home appliances and electronics industries, and are exploring new opportunities to expand our businesses.

We welcome both new and existing customers to come take a look at our current lineup, and hope that you will choose our brand of competitively priced quality products. Please contact us for further details and we will promptly answer any questions you may have.